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Get Noticed with SEO, Save Time and Money

When your potential clients search for you online, does your company appear at the top of the listings or do you see your competitors? We can fix that, guaranteed!

Guaranteed Website SEO Services


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Are you currently paying-per-click for your visibility? If so, you’re paying 5 to 20 times more per visit than you need to. ThemeSupport SEO helps businesses to typically see 5 times more traffic to their site than their PPC campaigns, at about 1/3 of the cost. What does that translate to? A lot more opportunities for a fraction of the cost. There is no better marketing value than organic search traffic. We say that from years of experience in search marketing. FAQs

All of our SEO plans include...

  • Guaranteed first page listings on the major search engines
  • Traffic statistics always available for performance monitoring
  • Monthly monitoring of your site to ensure that it stays 90-100% compliant with current search engine criteria
  • Consultations with a team member upon request – Bimonthly for L3 and L4 plans, monthly for L5 and L10 plans, and Unlimited for L15 and above
  • Professionally written content to complement newly written coding

Boost your SEO with AI Unleashed


We have a new AI SEO option that you can add to your site which can effectively more than double optimization. It is working amazingly well and we are achieving new placement extremely quickly, usually in less than 48 hours from the time the pages are launched and submitted.

Need a website?

Do you need a website or are you in need of a redesign for your current site?
Contact us for a free consultation and let us handle the rest, so you can get back to what you do best!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to show in search results?

It will take 4-5 weeks to complete all the new pages and write the original content. From there, once it’s uploaded, it will take about a week for Google to see the new pages, but not necessarily all of them on the first crawl.

Do additional page creations include blog articles?

No, we do not write blog articles as they will not move the needle on obtaining new placement. If you go to Google and perform 10 searches for services in a city you probably won’t see a single blog result. We have found that this strategy does not work for first page placement.

What is a micro site?

  • They are standalone websites with their own domain and hosting accounts, etc.
  • They usually generate 300-600+ visits per month, per site, depending on the industry.
  • You can trade 10 micro sites for 15 additional pages, if desired.
  • For comparison, Level 10 typically sees over 2.5 times more traffic than Level 5.

I don't know what I need... Can you help?

Absolutely! We will help you learn why Google is penalizing your site and how to fix it. We also analyze your competitor’s sites and show what they are doing differently in order to appear on the first page, as well as how much traffic that is generating for them.

Contact us for a free consultation.

I want to upgrade! How does that work?

You simply pay the difference in the initial payment and then start paying the new monthly payment in 30 days. So, essentially you get a credit on the initial payment for the Level you already paid for.

We then begin the process of working with you to identify keywords, locations, etc. to focus on for the new pages and micro sites.

What is the guarantee?

We don’t want you to spend money simply hoping something works out. That’s why we guarantee multiple new first page listings in all the major search engines within 90 days of uploading the optimization. If that does not happen, we give you a full refund. Simple as that!

What are your support hours and contact methods?

Our support hours are 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (US Mountain Time), Monday through Friday. We provide email based support. Additionally, we may call or meet online with clients to ask clarifying details.

What if I have other questions not addressed here?

Please contact us and we’ll answer them for you. We love to hear from potential clients!

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