WordPress Installation

ThemeSupport is a leader in WordPress Installation and Setup.
We provide a free installation options consultation for your site.

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ThemeSupport provides expert installation and setup of WordPress.

Our WordPress Installation and Setup service offerings include 

  • WordPress Updates
    We update both WordPress and specific themes in a timely manner.
  • WordPress Backups
    We backup your website to ensure that if there are problems you can revert your site easily.
  • WordPress Configuration
    We configure the WordPress themes to tailor-meet any specific requirements.
  • WordPress Migration
    We migrate sites between themes or between hosting providers.
  • WordPress Plugins
    We install third-party plugins for WordPress.
  • WordPress Security
    We audit WordPress to ensure it is secure and in cases where it was previously hacked we restore the site to its original state.
  • Theme Custom Development
    We can custom develop themes using CSS, HTML, HTML5, jQuery, Javascript or PHP to make it match your business requirements.

Other WordPress Services

WordPress Installation Consultation

ThemeSupport is a leader in WordPress Installation.
We provide a free installation consultation for your site.

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