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Advanced Custom Fields Development – CSS, PHP, HTML & JavaScript

By May 5, 2021October 16th, 2023No Comments

ThemeSupport today announced that we are offering Advanced Custom Fields development and support packages for the ACF plugin. ThemeSupport is a company that centers on building and maintaining WordPress sites and plugins using programming languages like CSS, PHP, HTML, and JavaScript. This now includes custom development and customization for the popular Advanced Custom Fields plug in. This plug-in has almost a perfect rating, and has been installed over 1 million times. This plugin is perfect for websites that need to create flexible fields on their site.

Overview of Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields is a plug in that provides over 20 fields types, including custom field types, that you can use on your WordPress site. You can find the different fields here, and some include:

  • Text – A text field that allows you to store single string values.
  • Checkbox – This text field makes it possible to have checkable inputs.
  • Radio Button – A handy field that makes selectable inputs available
  • Gallery – This content field makes it easy to manage multiple images
  • Image – With this, you can upload images
  • Color Picker – By using a javascript pop-up, you can choose different colors  to use
  • Date Picker – This field also uses a javascript pop-up in order to add dates to your theme

Another great aspect of the Advanced Custom Fields plug in is that it has many customizable plugins available at WordPress as well. Two popular plugins are the WP Fake Image Replacer, and the ThreeWP Broadcast. With the WP Fake Image Replacer plugin you can say goodbye to uploading pictures. This compatible plug allows you to use thumbnails to generate pictures for your field. The ThreeWP Broadcast plugin makes it easy to share posts with other blogs by copying and sharing them.

Advanced Custom Fields Customization Questions

Since Advanced Custom Fields is such a widely used app, it is understandable that there are many questions about the Plugin. Here are some frequently asked questions we see about Advanced Custom Fields:

  • How do I update my Advanced Custom Fields?
  • How do I install my Advanced Custom Fields plugin?
  • What are some compatible plug ins?
  • How do I create a Field Group?
  • How do I use query posts?

Advanced Custom Fields and Custom WordPress Themes

A majority of the custom developed themes we see use Advanced Custom Fields when building out the custom theme (as opposed to a tool like Visual Composer). However, many companies find that after their theme is built, it is difficult to add new custom fields or to edit aspects of the site that don’t have custom fields already created.

With our ACF plugin development and support packages, we are able to help companies to expand and edit their existing premium theme website, by adding, changing, or replacing custom fields as required.

Customization Packages for Advanced Custom Fields

Some fields are more complicated to build out, like the flexible content field. This field allows you to add numerous layouts and sub-fields to it. Due to complicated fields like this one, ThemeSupport is now offering custom packages. These packages include customization with PHP, CSS, Javascript, and HTML. Our Services Include

  • Installation – We can help install your Advanced Custom Fields plugin.
  • Plugin Creation – Our developers can create custom plug ins for your Advanced Custom Fields to present data specific to your website.
  • Layout – We are able to set up your fields to make your website attractive and informative.
  • Custom Style Sheets – ThemeSupport coders and developers are able to use CSS to create custom style sheets.
  • Front-End Development – We provide front-end development with CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and HTML.

All of our packages are designed specifically to fit your WordPress site needs. Our developers work closely with our clients to make sure that all your Advanced Custom Field plugin goals are achieved.

Get Help Today

No matter what your concern is with the Advanced Custom Fields, ThemeSupport is here to help. If you already have a grip on your Advanced Custom Fields, let us maintain it for you with one of our support packages.  Contact us today to start to utilize Advanced Custom Fields to its full potential.

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