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Two Critical Ways to Improve WordPress Page Load Speed (Part 2 of 2)

By May 29, 2018October 16th, 2023No Comments

Note: The above image shows a featured image with an image of a featured image. Pretty cool!

This is part II. To Read part I go here.

If watching your website load feels as agonizing as watching your grandma use a computer then you need to improve your page load speed. In part one we reviewed the first critical improvement of page load speed: plugins. In this article we will cover the second critical improvement: images.

The first thing to look at with images is the size of the file. Normally the large images on your website should be between 50K – 100K, while the small images should be 20K – 30K in size. If you try to have file sizes dramatically large than this, it will take too long to load.

You can do most of your image editing within WordPress. You can rotate, crop, scale, flip or otherwise do basic editing of your image. Here is a great video on on to do this: LINK.

There are also some plugins that will resize the images automatically for you, such as the Resize Image After Upload plugin (note: see previous post about plugins before installing).

Once you have resized your images you should have better page load speed across your website.

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