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WordPress Hacking Insurance

By February 21, 2019October 16th, 2023No Comments

Has your website been hacked? Have you tried to fix it, but the hacker keeps getting back onto your site? We feel for you. Being hacked is stressful and worrisome. That is why we offer WordPress Hacking Insurance.

What is Hacking Insurance?

Hacking Insurance is one of the many benefits we offer in which we fix your hacked site for you. This means we do all of the work for you, so that you can get your site back up and running quickly and thereby alleviate some of your stress. Each of our packages includes hacking insurance.

Our hacking insurance is also helpful even if you haven’t been hacked yet. It allows us to protect your site while you focus on running your business, and thereby gives you one less thing to worry about.

Click here to see our plans and the benefits we offer.

If my site is already hacked, can you clean it up?

Yes, we can! If you don’t already have our package, then there may be a one-time cleaning fee for the first time we fix your site. If you already have our package, then we will be alerted as soon as a potential problem arises and fix it for you immediately, likely before you even realize it.

Who is hacking my site?

We don’t know, and we probably never will. Hackers can access websites from anywhere in the world.

Why is my site being hacked?

One reason is you may have weak passwords. A strong password usually has six or more characters that include letters, numbers and characters. The strongest passwords also use lower and uppercase letters.

Another reason your site may have been hacked is that your plugins or themes are out-of-date. Plugin hacking and theme hacking can occur because the outdated software creates a security risk and provides an easy access for hackers to enter your website. Part of our support service is we will update your WordPress plugins and theme for you so that you don’t have to worry about it. Read this article to learn more.

Does if matter where my site is hosted?

We use WordPress Engine. If you host your site somewhere else, such as on GoDaddy, 1and1, HostGator, MediaTemple, or elsewhere, we will most likely need to switch your host before we can fix your site.

When will you fix my site?

We start to fix your site the day you let us know your site has been hacked! Your site’s security and success is important to us, and we understand that a hacked website needs to be fixed as soon as possible in order for you to continue your business.

How do you fix it?

We follow a very thorough process to make sure we completely clean your website. First, we scan your website for corrupt files and malware.  We then check with your hosting provider to make sure that it is an actual hack and not a loss of service or any other problem the host may be having themselves. After this, we will find and remove the hack. Part of this process also includes resetting and improving your access controls. We will also help you get the most current updates, secure your site, and help you create strong, unique passwords to avoid being hacked again in the future.


By using our Hacking Insurance, you can have peace of mind. If your website is currently hacked, we can fix it for you and prevent your site from being hacked again. If your website has not been hacked, our Hacking Insurance provides the comfort and security of knowing that your site will be protected from being hacked. Whatever your situation may be, our Hacking Insurance will make sure you never have to worry about hackers again. Click here to see our plans.






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