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WordPress Support Log: Migration from X Theme’s X-shortcodes to Cornerstone

By January 20, 2021October 16th, 2023No Comments

We recently had a customer on X Theme switch from the X-shortcodes plugin to Cornerstone as their primary means of updating the site. In this process, Cornerstone had a couple crucial updates that did not update automatically. We updated these manually for the customer. This switch-over also broke a number of elements on the site that we had to fix manually.

Before we updated the site, we also tried removing cornerstone and using the legacy X-shortcodes with Visual Composer. For the most part the back-end visual composer worked the same just with a couple bugs and a broken front-end editor.

We are certainly a fan of those without technical skills using Visual Composer or Cornerstone or another WYSIWYG editor in WordPress. Using Shortcodes is cumbersome and difficult. However, the switch between these can be a difficult process. If you need help in the process, let us know.

Have you had to switch between shortcodes to a visual editor? If so, let us know what your experience was like in the comments below.


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