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7 Key Elements of Dentist Contact Us Pages

By September 11, 2017October 16th, 2023No Comments

Besides your home page, the most critical page on your website is the Contact Us page. This is because the primary goal of your website should be to drive potential customer to contact you to set up an appointment or ask a question. Yet even though it seems so simple, most Contact Us pages are missing at least one of these seven critical elements that every good Contact Us page should have.

1. Phone Number – Most people will call you to set up an appointment. Make sure your phone number has a prominent spot at the top of the Contact Us page.

2. Address – People need to know where you are located. This is especially nice when a first time client will drive to your office and wants to use their phone’s GPS to guide them. Make it easy for them to see your address and click on it in their phone.

3. Map – Not only do you need your address, but you should include a Google or Yahoo Map insert, so that customers can visually identity where you are in relation to other locations.

This dentist website is missing nearly every element required of a good Contact Us page.

This dentist website is missing nearly every element required of a good Contact Us page.

4. Contact Us Form – This form is where people submit their name, phone number, email address, and a question. This will send an email to you. Many potential customers find it easier to send an email on their first contact, rather than to call, especially if it’s after hours when they are looking you up.
4a Don’t Forget – It’s critical that your Contact us form go to an email address that you regularly check and respond to and not to an email black hole.

5. Captcha – A Capatcha is the little box with obscured letters or numbers that tests to see if the user is human. Additional Captcha options can be simple math problems. This is critical to avoid receiving mass amounts of spam via your contact page.

6. Hours of Operation – List the hours you are open, so that customer know whether they should be calling or using the Contact Us form.

7. Social Network Links – Show them that you are on common social networks, such as Facebook. Some users will prefer to contact you via their social network page.

By incorporating these elements into your website, you will increase the number of users on your site who contact you and become clients. If you need help in adding some of these elements, use the coupon below and Theme Support will add one of these elements to your website for you.

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