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Friend or Foe: Is Your Dental Site Mobile Friendly?

By September 14, 2017October 16th, 2023No Comments

People often talk about websites being mobile friendly. Well how can you tell if your dentist office website is mobile friendly or not? The biggest factor is called responsiveness.


Mobile Responsiveness means that a website automatically changes the dimensions of its content and the format of the content based upon the size of the device its being viewed on. For example, the site you are viewing right now,, is mobile responsive. If you resize your browser to different shapes or sizes, you will see that the top menu, images and and navigation changes to fit the screen size. Responsive sites mean that whether you are viewing on a phone, tablet, or computer, you will still have an optimal viewing experience.

Importance of Mobile Responsiveness

Many dentists ask, “Why is having a responsive and mobile friendly website important anyway? I already invested in my website and it works for my customers, why would I want to put more money into making my site responsive?” Well, it really is important for the following 3 reasons:

1. Acquiring New Clients – More than half of all people find their dentists online and the majority of adults now own smartphones. This means that many first time customers are looking for a dentist on their phone or tablet, as opposed to a computer. It is especially true of young families, who are searching online to find a long-term dental provider.

2. Servicing Existing Customers – Your existing patients will search your site on their mobile devices when they have questions or have concerns. Many times these patients will be out-and-about when they think about their teeth care. You want these patients to easily be able to find your site and contact you.

3. SEO – SEO or search engine optimization refers to optimizing your website so that it shows up on the top of the search engine results. Since most people never click past the first page when they do a Google search, you want your site to appear at the top of the list, as then you will get the most visitors. With the latest release of its algorithm, Google now has mobile responsiveness a key requirement in deciding which sites to rank on the first page.

If you aren’t sure whether or not your site is mobile friendly, you can check online, as there a number of free reports that will rate your site’s mobile friendliness. Or you can request a free Mobile Friendly Website Report from Theme Support by clicking on the button below.

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