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The 8 Best Avada Theme Tutorial Videos

By October 8, 2017October 16th, 2023No Comments

Because the Avada theme is the most purchased WordPress theme ever, our WordPress support customers are always asking for tips and tricks when they call for Avada support. Customers want to know how to do Avada configuration and Avada customization. We often send these customers to Avada videos publicly available on the internet so they can learn how to do this work – as in our opinion videos are the easiest way to learn WordPress support tips and tricks.

Here is a list of of our 8 favorite Avada theme tutorial videos, complied in one location.

1) Complete WordPress / Avada Theme Support Tutorial Video:

This video showcases a complete Avada Tutorial. It is a perfect video to watch to learn Avada tips and tricks.


2) Avada Revolution Slider Support Video: 

This video showcases how to set up the Avada revolution slider. The number one most common Avada theme support question we receive from new Avada users is, “How do I set up the Slider?” This video teaches all the necessary skills for adding a new picture to the Avada slider, adding new text to the Revolution slider, or changing the speed at which the slider switches graphics.


3) Avada Fusion Slider Support Video: 

The Avada theme comes with 3 sliders by default. This video showcases the Avada Fusion slider and teaches the skills required to update the Fusion slider on Avada.


4) Avada Layer Slider Tutorial Video: 

The Avada Layer Slider is the third slider to be bundled in the Avada WordPress Theme. This video showcases the requirements for supporting the Avada Layer Slider.


5) Avada Home Page Changes / Edits Video:

After setting up and configuring the 3 different Avada Sliders, most of our new Avada Theme Support customers then want to know how to configure and set up their Avada home page. This video is a succinct and informative video packed with the key features required for setting up an Avada home page.



6) Avada Blog Support Video:

So now that your Avada home page is built and the Avada sliders are configured, it’s time to build a blog. Building out your blog on the Avada theme is easy as demonstrated in this video.


7) Avada Top Navigation Menus Support Video: 

After your Avada blog is set up, it’s time to head to the top navigation and name your secondary pages.


8) Avada Sider bar and Footer Support Video: 

Lastly, you will want to set up your side bar and footer for your website. This video showcases how to set up the Avada side bar and the Avada footer.


Again, these are the videos which we send to our Avada Theme support customers. If you watch these Avada videos and make the changes along with them as they go along, you should be able to edit your entire Avada theme and set up your website.


If you have questions or problems with Avada, we offer Avada WordPress Theme Support packages or you can always contact us at Theme Support, as we are happy to answer questions and help you out.

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