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WordPress Custom Development

Avada Custom Development for WordPress (CSS, HTML, & JavaScript)

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ThemeSupport, a leading provider of WordPress development and support, today announced that it offers commercial third-party Avada custom development (including CSS, HTML, JavaScript, & PHP) for the Avada WordPress theme. The Avada theme is created by ThemeFusion and is offered on Envato’s website.

ThemeSupport has actively provided commercial third-party support for Avada on dozens of Avada theme websites ranging from a broad spread of industries. Its latest offering of Avada custom development is an extension of this service based upon popular demand from clients.

ThemeSupport’s Avada custom development offerings include the following services:

  • Installation – We will install Avada for you
  • Website Content Population – We will populate all of your content onto Avada for you
  • Page Layout – We will build the page layouts according to your specifications
  • Support – We will troubleshoot and support Avada for you
  • Custom Posts – We will build out custom posts for you
  • Plugin Development – We can build custom plugins for the Avada theme
  • WooCommerce – We can install and set up WooCommerce for you, including PayPal, Stripe and other payment processors

ThemeSupport’s custom development languages include:

  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS

ThemeSupport also commonly offers migrations to Avada from other platforms (such as Joomla or Drupal) or from straight HTML or from other WordPress themes. Many customers come to us because their site isn’t responsive and they want to move to a more responsive site to improve their SEO.

Avada is the most popular theme ever released on ThemeForest. The reason for Avada’s success is in part due to timing. Avada happened to release their multi-purpose theme in 2012 at a time when there weren’t many multi-purpose themes available. Most themes at that time were dedicated to a single purpose or concept. Avada helped to break this mold and usher in the era of the multi-purpose ‘swiss-army knife’ of WordPress themes.

After its release, the rest of their success hinges directly on the quality of the theme that they have released. The Avada theme boasts all the bells and whistles you would want in a premium theme. It is great for blogging, easily integrates with WooCommerce, and offers a multitude of included plugins to make it easy to build out a website. Avada is rated 5 stars for its superior usability.

Please call us at 385-200-1802 or use our contact us form for more information about WordPress Avada Theme custom development.

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