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Landscaper WordPress Theme: Walking the Grounds with QreativeThemes

By February 6, 2018October 16th, 2023No Comments

QreativeThemes recently released the popular The Landscaper WordPress theme, aimed at any company in the lawn services, landscape architecting, or agriculture business. ThemeSupport caught up with QreativeThemes to “walk the grounds” and learn more about the theme.


Q: Why did you create a WordPress theme aimed at landscapers?
A: We were searching on Google the hundreds of business websites from all the biggest niches and after some research we noticed that a lot of Gardeners / Landscaping company websites had designs that would have done well 10 years ago. But these site designs were now strongly obsolete. That’s why we’ve decided to go for the Landscaping niche.


Q: What preparation went into making this theme?
A: First, researching hundreds of landscaping / gardener websites to see what they had in common (more on the functional-side of the website). Then we created a list to set out the functional elements that should definitely be in our theme. After that we went to the drawing table and the design process started.


Q: Why did you choose to release the theme on ThemeForest? Did you evaluate other options of where to release the theme?
A: Yes we did evaluate other marketplaces and we’ve tried another one to be honest, not with The Landscaper but  with another theme. But the amount of sales was not what we thought and it was not possible to continue that way to make new themes. That’s why we decided to go for ThemeForest. Also because (personal opinion) I think themes are being sold there in the most fair way.

Q: What features of interest to landscapers are there in this theme that are not in other WordPress themes?

A: First of all: the whole design. The Landscaper is the first dedicated landscaping business WordPress theme on ThemeForest. And I think the ease that enables you to build your (company) website, you don’t need to know WordPress in and out to use The Landscaper theme. Also the custom widgets are very focused on company needs.


Q: Galleries are of special importance for many landscaping companies. What kind of gallery options does your theme offer?
A: Almost everything is possible. From detailed gallery pages, to videos, to image grids with lots of customization options, to the simple default WordPress gallery. There is something for everyone’s needs and lots of possibility in between.

Q: Do you plan to release another WordPress theme? If so, who will be the audience?

A: Definitely. The Landscaper is almost 2 months old on ThemeForest now and is very stable. In the meantime we’ve researched, designed and developed a new WordPress theme for a niche that fits in the Healthcare Industry. The theme is almost ready and we’re testing it now. It should be on ThemeForest within the next month


Well thank you for that update. We look forward to having you come back for another interview once that new theme is live.

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