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The Definitive IGNITE WordPress Interview – With Designova Stuidos

By November 2, 2017October 16th, 2023No Comments

Designova Studio recently released their new IGNITE Theme for WordPress. IGNITE is a one page creative theme that is ultra-simple to use for building out one page websites.

Ignite offers the features necessary to create a site, including the premium version of Slider Revolution, a Parallax showcase, and lots of options for content carousels and sliders – all with touch support.

Theme Support spoke with Designova Stuido about their new IGNITE Theme.


Q: Who is your primary target audience for this theme?

A: All of our themes are mainly targeting creative portfolio websites, innovative agency websites and small business websites. IGNITE is a simple WordPress theme suitable for setting up a one-page portfolio website for freelancers, artists, creative agencies, small businesses etc.


Q: As a one page theme, is there an option for adding a second page? For example, if someone wanted to include a blog, how would you recommend they accomplish this?

A: Even if the main focus of this theme is to setup a simple one page website, it does not mean that you are restricted to use this theme as a one-page website. You can add any number of additional web pages. To include additional pages to the one-page layout we have given a meta option for these pages. All the pages with this option will be included in the one-page layout, and others are excluded. The navigation link will change itself according to this meta option settings, so you don’t have to bother about the navigation. It is simple and straight-forward solution.


Q: Tell me about the look and feel of the default menu and why you chose it?

A: Our themes come with unique styles of navigation menu options. As far as IGNITE is concerned, we developed a full-screen overlay menu that gels completely with the layout and design style we promoted within this theme.
Creative websites are a place to showcase unique elements and adding such an overlay navigation will add some ‘wow’ feeling to the website visitors right from the first moment they click on navigation icon. At the same time, we
focus on usability of this navigation in all devices and platforms, effective mobile device optimization is carried out perfectly.


Q: What other menu options do you offer with IGNITE?

A: We want to make everything simple within this theme and hence we provide only a single menu style with an optimized mobile specific view that makes it perfectly usable across all devices and platforms.


Q: You list that your IGNITE theme supports an unlimited number of content carousels and slider sections in its one-page format? How do you solve the loading issues associate with having all these different sections and their associated graphics?

A: Yes, IGNITE theme supports an unlimited number of content carousels and slider sections. These are built through Short-codes integrated with Visual Composer Page Builder. Technically speaking, we have optimized the jQuery initialization code for scalability, hence adding multiple carousels and sliders will not affect the loading time. But the images used in these components should be of optimum size. For example, in our live preview we are using
images properly optimized for web use. If you have large number of carousels and sliders then always make sure that the images used these sections are of optimum size. Also we have implemented a built-in a Page Pre-loader within
IGNITE. It will disappear only after loading all the page resources which will then deliver a good user experience.


Q: Would there be a suggested number of content carousels and slider sections that is best practice when building a one-page theme? At what point do you think a site would have too many for user-friendliness (even if loading isn’t an issue)?
A: Even though horizontal sliders and carousels are not a very good solution when considering overall web user experience, in a creative WordPress themes we have to provide these components as an option to cater the specific needs of our clients. This is because most of our clients are building creative portfolio websites or image showcase websites which means the usage of slideshows, carousels and image sliders will be implemented extensively within this kind of creative websites. Hence we added the support for unlimited number of carousels and slider modules. The freedom to choose the components actually belongs our clients, it’s their own creative horizon,we will never restrict it. But we always recommend best practices to make sure everything works perfectly.


Q: What other themes are in the works for Designova?

A: As we are a team of developers, we have multiple theme projects in pipeline. These include simple one page themes, multi-page portfolio themes and advanced multi-concept creative themes with more features & options
implemented as per industry requirements. Our goal is to bring perfect designs to premium theme market and we always focus on that as our key selling point.


Well thank you for taking time to speak with us today about the IGNITE theme. We look forward to hearing as you finish your other projects as well.


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