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Notredam WordPress Theme – Interview with Artem Temos

By September 21, 2017October 16th, 2023No Comments

A week ago X-Temos released Notredam, their first WordPress theme on ThemeForest. Notredam is an e-commerce theme built on the WooCommerce platform. The theme features 8 different demo layouts – each ideal for selling items online. It also allows for easy customization of key e-commerce site elements such as headers, featured products, and product layouts.

Artem Temos, one of the primary creators of Notredam, took time out of his busy schedule for an interview to answer our questions about the new theme.


Q: So for those who haven’t done it, can you describe the process involved in releasing your first theme on ThemeForest? Was it hard to do?

A: The idea of creating Notredam was born six months ago, as we were inspired by the latest trends in fashion and web design for e-commerce platforms. We set out to create a template that was simple and powerful to fit most user needs in e-commerce web-sites. We figured we would be done with the project in 2-3 months. But it was more complicated than expected to include all the features and options in one template. In addition to this Envato now has plenty of beautiful e-commerce items and they wanted us to differentiate ourselves, so it was difficult to get the “Approved” message from them. We got soft rejected more than 10 times from different reviewers before we were finally approved.


Q: Wow, that sounds like quite the process. So from start to finish, how long did it take for you as a company to build Notredam and then to go through this release process with ThemeForest?

A: The entire development and submission process took seven months. Now finally we are proud that Notredam is released and available worldwide.


Q: That’s quite the process. Now your Notredam theme comes with 8 different demo layouts. Do you have one that is your favorite?

A: We tried to design every demo home page even better than previous, and for me every layout has some special features that make it awesome. But the best is the base layout – it is really clean and well-organized; I think it will fit any kind of shop.


Q: What about your theme do you think will be the greatest attraction to potential customers?

A: Notredam includes modern layouts of shopping pages and single product pages that, in our opinion, are really attractive and useful for our customers and will give them more power to promote their products.


Q: Did you consider using anything other than WooCommerce for the Notredam e-commerce theme?

A: No. However, long-term interesting platforms for us to port the Notredam theme onto would be OpenCart and Magento, but we don’t have any plans for developing this yet.


Q: You’ve created a great first theme with Notredam. What kind of theme do you plan to build next?

A: Firstly, we want to provide great customer service and updates for the Notredam theme – then gathering all this experience and user feedback we will build another theme that will be awesome!


Well Artem, thank you for your taking your time for this interview. And good luck with your new theme.

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