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Q&A: Interview With Fortuna WordPress Theme Creators

By September 17, 2017October 16th, 2023No Comments

Four days ago Blue Owl Creative released the new Fortuna WordPress theme. The Fortuna theme is absolutely packed with everything you could want in a website. It boasts 50+ predesigned templates, more than 30 customizable elements, and is loaded with shortcodes. You can check out the Fortuna Theme on ThemeForest here.

Fortuna is the 7th theme release from Blue Owl Creative and is their largest theme to date. Blue Owl Creative is the creator of the 3 popular Aqua themes, which share more than 6,000 purchases between them.

We caught up with Kal from Blue Owl Creative to ask him about the new Fortuna release:
Q: So Kal, when you undertake to create a comprehensive theme such as Fortuna, do you normally have a specific audience in mind or do you instead try to make it as general as possible?

A: Our goal and strategy is to create themes that appeal to a wide range of audiences. What we also stress on though is providing the tools and total freedom to the user to customize their website in any fashion they please so that the placement of the final product into a specific audience/category is within the hands of authors and they can achieve it by simply selecting a few presets & options.
Q: In your view, what seperates Fortuna from other themes to make it the best option for potential customers?

A: Definitely the great number of theme options and design presets of the Page elements would be something we definitely take pride in and took the extra mile to accomplish. Creating unique end products is a challenge these days as most themes offer similar elements & websites in general often look similar to one another. A great way to tackle that challenge is creating a wide range of design presets for page elements. Take a look at our portfolio carousels and grids for example. They offer 10 different design presets for the way portfolio items are displayed as well as an array of other options like arrow designs, colors, number of items displayed, animation speed, custom queries, custom image size etc.
Q: Fortuna offers more than 30 features – that’s a lot of features. Are there any features in particular that you are most proud of?

A: Having a substantial set of elements is important to users, we have created quite a list and we are not stopping there, we have a plan of adding to that list and constantly improving our theme.
The Custom Slider is definitely one that is quite unique and provides a cool way of visually presenting content in a manner that involves the user. Again as with all other elements it offers plenty of room for customization, the way the navigation is presented, animations, titles, positions etc.


Q: What was your biggest challenge in putting together and releasing the Fortuna theme?

A: We had big plans for Fortuna, putting all the features we initially wanted to include was the biggest challenge as it presented an immense effort. Release planning had to be readjusted so many times that at some point we thought we would never get there. Through great persistence and perseverance we managed to complete it though. The road doesn’t end here, we have many future plans for the theme, adding more exciting features and even more options and design presets!
Q: What other themes does Blue Owl Creative have in the works?

A: We’ll keep that as a surprise for all of you!

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