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PRESS RELEASE: ThemeSupport gets recognized as a Top 50 Web Development firm by

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Top Web Development Company

ThemeSupport gets recognized as a Top 50 Web Development firm by, an online listing used primarily by Fortune 1,000 companies to discover & hire top firms and agencies.

‍50Pros announced today that ThemeSupport has been vetted and met its qualifications as a top 50 Web Development firm within its Web Development & Design directory. 50Pros uses an internal methodology & approach to determine if a firm is 1) competent in their field; 2) able to produce stellar results; 3) reliable & trustworthy; and 4) well-equipped for long-term potential. As an exclusive and higher-end directory platform serving Fortune 1,000 companies, 50Pros limits its listing to only 50 firms within 50 service categories.

‍This recognition signifies that Utah is fast becoming a tech hub attracting both investors and entrepreneurs to take advantage of the Silicon Slopes boom. ThemeSupport upholds this standard by being a leading provider of Web Development services throughout North America.

‍“Our passion for quality and innovation sets us apart in our mission to provide effective solutions,” said Ian Wilson, Executive Director. “and it sure helps that we are surrounded by world class talent and beautiful scenery here in Utah.”‍

About ThemeSupport

‍ThemeSupport is a leading provider of WordPress services. We provide WordPress hosting, development, support, installation assistance, upgrades, customization, maintenance, and migration. Our team consists of skilled, senior WordPress developers who know and understand the best practices and fine details of their industry. We also partner with agencies looking to white label some or all of our services.

Our mission is to make your website match your vision. Your website represents both you and your organization to the thousands of people who view it online. We take great pride in working closely with our clients to understand the vision for their website so we can help them display that to the world.

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