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Divi Development and Customization for WordPress – PHP, CSS, HTML, & JavaScript

By December 28, 2021October 16th, 2023No Comments

ThemeSupport has recently released custom packages for development and support for the Divi theme. As a third party company, ThemeSupport is able to offer custom development of the Divi theme. This includes customization with PHP, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Since ThemeSupport specializes in WordPress support, we customize our development and support packages specifically for you. We are able to help with any Divi theme customization and development request.

About the Divi Theme

Divi is created by ElegantThemes. The Divi theme has many advantages, including real time design that immediately updates any edits. Also, Divi is completely customizable – from fonts, spacing, colors, and size – you can create almost any look you want. In addition, Divi has 46 unique content elements. You are able to pick and choose from these content elements to design your company’s website. Additionally, Divi also allows you to use CSS customization to refine your WordPress website look and feel. Having so many choices can be overwhelming, so Divi also includes over 20 ready made layouts to help you start your building. Finally, ElegantThemes allows allows their customers to create multiple websites without purchasing additional licenses. Best of all, there is a free trial!

Custom Development Packages

While the Divi theme is customizable, it can be difficult to navigate through all the different options to create the ideal website and sometimes there may be edits you want to make that don’t exist in the theme. Therefore, ThemeSupport offers development packages to help customize your Divi WordPress site and tailor it to your needs. In our packages, we include services like:

  • Installation and Migration: We can install the Divi theme for you. Or, if you have another theme already, we can migrate you to the Divi theme.
  • Customization CSS, PHP, HTML, and JavaScript – our experienced team will use PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to enhance your site.
  • Layout –  Having a good layout is essential. This is why our team will work with you to adjust and perfect your Dive Theme Layout
  • Plug-ins – We are able to either install or customize personal plugins for your Divi site.
  • WooCommerce – If you use WooCommerce, we can install it on Divi for you
  • Theme Updates – We will help with any Dive Theme Updates.

Once you create your site, it is best to make sure it is maintained. So, in addition to our development packages we Also offer support packages that include security monitoring, updates, daily backups and more. Additionally, if your Divi theme has been hacked or compromised, we can help you clean it and restore it.

Get Help Today

In order to meet your needs, ThemeSupport will work with you to create custom flat-rate packages specifically designed for your Divi development need. We can help build your site with CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and HTML and then help maintain it. If you have any questions, or are in need of Divi support, contact us today!

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