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WordPress Support Log: Changing Text Size in Visual Composer

By November 18, 2021October 16th, 2023No Comments

We recently had a customer write us the following email:

“I’m trying to change the type size, and retain the bold formatting in the paragraphs on the “About” page.

Procedure: I go into “Visual Composer”, choose a paragraph (e.g. paragraph under “Loyalty 2.0”), click edit, then use the “paragraph” drop down to select the type size, (“Heading 4” seems to be about right, looks 12 pts. or so). Formatting still appears as “</strong>” in the “text” tab after the up-sizing. However, once I “save” the type is indeed larger but the bold formatting is lost. What am I doing wrong?”

In response to this, here is what we sent them:

“Changing the font size from ‘paragraph’ to ‘heading 4’ actually changes the formatting tags for that text. The ‘heading #’ format tags use the font you supplied, Quango Bold, which we uploaded for you. Since this font does not have a bold font weight (perhaps because it is already bold) it cannot be bolded, even if you select it as an option in the Wysiwyg. We can update the heading font to a font that has bold font weight as an option, I would recommend a Google Webfont which is already configured for use on websites.

If you would like to change the font size of all the paragraph text on the page, I can put some CSS on the page to do that for you, but it will be applied across all uses of the paragraph formatting option. I can also do the same site wide if you would like.”

Have you experienced similar set backs with formatting or fonts? We’d love to hear about your¬†accounts in our comment section below. Are you still experiencing problems with formatting? We are here to answer all of your WordPress questions, like we did for this customer.¬†Contact us with your concerns.



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